WaterLine Specialist in Ro ( Reverse Osmosis ) & Filtration Systems Copy Right 2009-2011  By:Djsalouma Water line manufactures a full line of seawater desalinators designed with high quality to meet the heavy duty service in marine  applications . After 18 years experience in this career & more than 300 units Water line offers the newest generation of our  desalintors : C-line  series with capacities ranging from 700 GPD to 40000 GPD Rate performances +/- 10% using standard seawater , with 35000ppm salinity & 55 bar operating  & temperature at 25 `c . we can do any change in the Specifications depend on customer's request . C-line is Locally assembled using Italian & American components by the following specs : Heavy duty 5 & 25 micron sediment prefilters . 316SS low-pressure pump (marine) with closed impeller design . High pressure pump with ss head (CAT - Made in USA) . High pressure motor   (Made in Italy) Or ( Made in Germany ) . High quality, glycerin-filled 316 SS pressure gauges  . High-pressure vessels in C-line700 to 1400 (316SS electro static coated 2.5") . High-pressure vessels in C-line3000 to 9000 (fiberglass codeline 8") . Reverse osmosis membrane in C-line700 to 1400 ( filmtec sw30 2540 – made in USA )  . Reverse osmosis membrane in C-line3000 to 9000 ( filmtec sw380 – made in USA )  . 316SS high-pressure fittings  . 16SS high-pressure fittings . Epoxy coated steel frame  . Control unit contains (high & low pressure protections in digital mode ) including the sensor . More options available : Automatic flushing : flush the membranes every time the machine stop . Sand filter : improves the primary filtration of the water and prolongs filter life. Uv sterilizer : to kill free floating microbes - bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and algae . Pulsation Dampener : To Reduce Noise & Vibration Anti-Scalant Injection : Tank, Dosing Pump and Level Indicator to Reduce Scale Build up 220v motor : Price depend on pump size and capacity Water Meter : To Count the number of Gallons produced by the system