SeaWater Desalination units WaterLine Specialist in Ro ( Reverse Osmosis ) & Filtration Systems Copy Right 2009-2011  By:Djsalouma WATERLINE  is locally owned and operated by ALI SALEM , an industry professional who has been involved in the watermaker and marine business for over 20 years . He has assisted in the engineering, manufacturing and service of more than 300 Watermakers and Marine Water systems in the red sea (the hardest seawater all over the world ). Water  line`s focus is the sales, service and installation of Watermakers and Marine Water Systems. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service and support for all of our clients water needs   .. WATER LINE  business model is about creating, maintaining and supporting customer relationships as well as sustaining mutually rewarding relationships with all industry professionals. It is through these connections that we help our customers by providing the best products and  stand behind what we sell. Service after the sale is our most important feature     .. Quality service and customer satisfaction is the number one goal. The technology in the watermaking and water purification industry is exciting and rapidly advancing. Our job is to harness new technology with our experience and hands-on skills and deliver that to our customers . For more information about our Products and Services, please contact me at